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  EGYPTRADE has been serving the ever changing and the varied needs of the local wood based industry  since 1998; Thanks to their long woodworking machinery experience since 1980.
  EGYPTRADE continues to bring the latest technology in the processing of wood & furniture manufacturing to the Egyptian Market.  Helping their customers to achieve maximum production efficiency, high quality finished products and logistic flexibility.
  EGYPTRADE success is due to the quality up-to-date products and reliable after sales service.

EGYPTRADE  will make further efforts to ensure that their customers have ready access to prompt service as well as a complete range of general and special woodworking machinery, tools & supplies.


EGYPTRADE is currently agent, representative & dealer for several leading brands of Italian, Spanish, German & Turkish woodworking machinery & supplies manufacturers;  who have a very well-known excellent reputation in their fields.

We chose them carefully for submitting to our clients : the best products ever produced.


EGYPTRADE woodworking supplies can be summarized in the following categories:

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